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How to book an escort

‘How To Book An Escort’ by Rene Joile

Since the closure of Backpage, the internet has become flooded with more and more luxury companion and international escort ads offering services from 30 minute quickies to international travel companions.

Escort advertisers are competing against each other for attention, for the most ‘hits’, the most ‘followers’ or the most opportunities ‘to brag’ on social media.

Boobs bursting out of bras, Brazilian butts and big lips are becoming the norm, and the lurkers are lapping it up. Providers are caving into stupid requests with the hope of gaining new clients, and or perhaps find a genuine inquiry among the disrespectful emails and messages.

Private Escorts, Companions and providers are spamming their social media feeds with poor quality selfies in messy rooms, and promoting paid photo and video chats on and or, among other adult platforms.

The hungry followers are screaming for more. The requests and DMs are slipping to levels below acceptable. Requests for ‘close ups’, ‘pussy pics’ and ‘personal pics’ are a too frequent request.

Opening your inbox almost requires an iron stomach with a need to mentally prepare yourself to be revolted by pictures of shrivelled penis’s and gaping arseholes. Gone are the days of polite introductions and nice messages that included more than 2 or 3 incorrectly spelt words.

Basic manners and etiquette have gone to the trash.
‘Free now’
‘Fuck now’
‘How much’
‘I need sex’
‘You come now’

Aps such as WhatsApp, line, Viber and WeChat have given an easy platform for time-wasters to be able to ruin your mood. Even more when you pick up a ringing phone to see some loser on a number from the other side of the world trying to video call you at the most inappropriate moment, which is usually at any moment when some one rudely tries to video call.

What I don’t get is, how do these people get by in their lives with so little manners? Do they run their businesses, respond to their bosses, contact their friends, family, doctors, lawyers, mechanic or local store keepers with the same approach?

Of course fucking not!!

Gents, there really is no excuse for rudeness. There is no reason to contact an international escort or luxury companion without using basic manners. We are, believe it or not, human. Very lovely humans.

Like all humans, we respond to nice things. Nice words, nice manners, nice touch, nice sense, nice smells, nice people, so why approach us as if we are not.

Surely these people don’t expect us to be nice in return? Or do they? Do you?

When contacting a lady or gent offering their time, be it for companionship, a cam session, a general inquiry or a walk in the park, use some manners, and brains if you can pull them out of your pants.

A quick ‘Hi, I’m Bill,’ is a great start, but consider, ‘Hi, I’m Bill. I’m in or travelling to Singapore next week and checking your availability.’ A few pleasant words will guarantee a response with a smile.

Try it next time you contact a local or international escort, a luxury companion, or just another human in general. You might get a pleasant surprise at how nice we really are!

by Rene Joile

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