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Holiday Companion by Rene Joile

Holiday time of year can be quite daunting, and very lonely for many people across the world. We, with our busy lives, loving families, and many friends all around the world often forget those who are without a steady companion, family, or without people around them for whatever reason.

Times such as Easter and Christmas can be a very trying time for some people. We, with our busy lives, assume that everybody is as happy, and as busy as we are, rushing around buying last minute gifts for our special people.

We get so busy being busy, we forget the many special people all over the world that would love somebody to spend these times of the year with.

A holiday companion,  a lover or a close friend. Somebody they can make feel special without the everyday pressures that can go with having the traditional relationship.

As an independent companion and international escort, I have been fortunate to share many special times with lovely ladies and gents all over the world. I have been fortunate to celebrate birthdays, attend corporate events, Christmas parties and travelling to many exotic locations not just as an escort, but as a genuine companion.

Being a companion (a courtesan) is very underrated and forgotten. The general assumption of what being an escort is all about, is assumed as only offering an intimate service. Yes, that is a great part of it but the greater and over looked part of what we do, is the companionship part.

We all crave genuine companionship at some time or another.

Perhaps you are in a 10yo marriage. There is nothing unusual about craving companionship outside of a marital relationship. I know that some wives forget about their husbands after having a baby, or hitting menopause, or they just grow apart with their busy married life. A couple of pounds can destroy the romance of a relationship, or a glare in the wrong direction. It’s unfortunately the stupid truth. People can be lonely sleeping beside the same person for 20 years.

Consider the busy executive travelling all over the world for work. He has many business associates here there and everywhere, but is lacking a female connection, to get out and really unwind with. Perhaps a dinner companion, or a beautiful face to talk anything about with, other than business. Someone they can forget about work for a few hours and really unwind.

Then we have the hardworking single man that works hard week after week. He is single, not because he in dysfunctional, but because his work and lifestyle has just made it that way. He reads the paper daily, flicks through the travel section, and thinks, I wish…

There is no crime in wishing things were different, or wanting escape a little and relax. For a short time or a long time. Perhaps an annual holiday somewhere fun, fun with someone other than just yourself.

Take your annual holidays for example. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy an island holiday, or experience a different culture or country location. Imaging travelling with a beautiful companion that you could get to know, and feel comfortable enough to have breakfast with. A companion able to be herself (or himself), and enjoy a holiday as a genuine companion, instead of just an hour or two in the sack?

I am not afraid to say that there has been times in my life that I have wished I had somebody there to call up last minute to take a holiday with, or attend a show or event with, somebody sexy and fun. Somebody I felt comfortable with, knowing they felt comfortable with me.

You don’t need to be a lonely person, or feel at a lost end in this day and age anymore. There are so many ways to meet people to spend quality time with. Of course there are dating sites online, aps, bars, singles events, but these are not always the best option.

For the busy person, exploring these options can be complicated. Dating sites can be time consuming, and mentally draining, not to mention expensive if you have to take somebody out over and over again just to get a glimpse of their panties… let alone go and enjoy your annual holiday with!

A great part of my life as an international escort and luxury travel companion stems from being able to be there, for real.

I enjoy my time with everybody I meet. I am a mature companion and I find making real connections, being able to enjoy and understand somebody else’s need for-filling. More than just meeting  and assuming time shared is only about sex.

I feel mentally, and physically for-filled, when I am given the opportunity to spend quality time with another. Creating an experience, creating memories that are remembered long past that hour in the bedroom are special. It is a special gift to be able to make somebody else feel special, especially at those special times of the year.

Back to the beginning. Holiday time is coming for everybody. Christmas, annual break, summer vacations, and snow season in some regions. Everybody deserves a break. Take one, and don’t be shy to spend it with a companion. You may be pleasantly surprised…. But remember to do your homework and look past face value 😉

Thanks for reading,

by Rene Joile |

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