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International Escort Life – by Rene Joile

International Escort Life, as we know it.

Life is not all about jumping off and on airplanes, and drinking cocktails. There is more than dining in fine restaurants and showing off on social media from this place or that. There is a lot of work that goes into each of our days to get to the point where we can sit back, and look out over the bay, and enjoy a glass of wine… for at least an evening or 2, with or without company.

As an International Escort, especially an independent escort, there is so much to do, in preparation, to be able to meet you in another city. We don’t just book a flight one day, and just go, and it isn’t just about waiting for one call. There is so much to be done prior to arrival in any city, even our home cities.

Some international escorts can take weeks to prepare an international tour. I take about 4 weeks to prepare in advance for a visit in any city. Even cities I frequent need that run time to get the message out that I am arriving, and will be available for a few days, to a week, what ever tour dates are decided on.

To begin, here is a basic list of things we have to do:

  • Check available flights
  • Consider hotels
  • Consider costs (as we have to pay everything upfront)
  • Look at public holidays
  • Check what other ladies are touring so as to not clash too much
  • Source advertising platforms
  • Create and post ads
  • Spread the word on social media
  • Respond to endless whatsapp and viber calls and messages
  • Reply to numerous emails
  • Update our websites
  • Respond to time-waster messages
  • Post out a newsletter (if you have it)
  • Update our tour dates on all the sites we advertise on
  • Respond to even more idiot and time-waster messages
  • and so on..

It is endless weeks of (almost) torture trying to decipher the idiots from the genuine requests. Then trying to schedule around the schedules of busy businessmen travelling, or gents working with busy lifestyles. We schedule, often in good faith, hoping you don’t change the time last minute. We are not always available for a time change once we arrive, or worse, not even tell us, leaving our day free and our bills unpaid.

There are so many hidden costs involved in an international escort tour.

Let’s break down a 5 day tour from Australia to Singapore, as an example.

  • The airfare, in a comfortable seat but not business class, might be around $1000 return.
  • The hotel for 5 nights could be from $1500 plus taxes and upwards, and the hotel always has to be paid upfront. My hotel of choice is double that, in some cities triple.
  • The hotel security deposit for incidentals, sometimes $300, although this is usually only on card, it still can take some hotels up to 3 weeks to return.
  • Meals, taxis, and general expenses while travelling. I usually add $100 a day.
  • Advertising, per site might be around $100-$150 a month, and most ladies advertise on several. Then there are many that are ‘pay per boost’. To feature on a front page, or on a top line, it can be anything from $10 to $100, some sites are reaching over $1000 for premium ads spots

As you see, for an international escort to tour for 5 days, from Australia to Singapore, the cost for the international tour before the escort arrives, is about $4000, and that’s on a budget. Now add the cost of maintaining their home. It doesn’t go away. It adds to it.

Rent and bills still have to be accounted for. Many international escorts have pets, and or children at home that they have to pay carers to be there 24 hours a day, when they are travelling.

That’s the beginning the makings of an international tour. It’s not exact, just a basic example.

Not everybody that approaches an international escort is a gentleman either. We get endless rude one line messages ‘hi’ ‘u available’ ‘come now’ ‘how much’ ‘??’ ‘pics’. It is really be quite soul destroying at times. We as international escorts, not only have to maintain our dignity.

Another part of our job is to try to work out whether the rude and blunt messages are from gents who are limited with their use of the English language. Sometimes they are just creatures lurking ads looking for nothing but someone to send them free pics , or worse, look at theirs. To be a touring escort you need to be thick skinned. We have to mind read the mindless.

When making contact, especially with an international escort, INTERNATIONAL being the key word here. You can save us both time by asking if we are ‘available in Singapore’ for example. There is no sense or reason in sending back and forth chat messages, when there is no chance of you and the escort being in the same city, let alone the country at the same time.

Details, most international escorts have, well should have, their own websites which include lots of information. This often includes their tour dates, availability, FEES and PHOTOS…

Please don’t waste our time with simple requests when they information was probably right where you found or details. If you bypassed reading the ad, and didn’t bother with our website, don’t assume we will take you seriously. We go to great efforts to make the information available to you so that we can bypass back and forth questions, and avoid wasting each others time.

Video callers!!! AUGH!!! We don’t site around looking glamorous waiting for a loser with his dick in hand to randomly call. There are sexy cam girls that offer a video service, in fact, they specialise in sexy cam shows and video calls. No offense to the cam girls, call them, not escorts. We are not here to give you freebies because you are too tight to pay the sexy cam girls that are ready to perform for you.

We sit around in a dressing gowns (as per video) and casual clothes without makeup on, and the last thing we want is to receive a video call with some wanker in India.

I don’t know one escort that wishes she can’t answer a video caller with a punch in the nose. Unfortunately these aps offer video features. Unless the ad you are reading says VIDEO CALLS ARE OK then simply don’t do it!

How would you like it if we in turn randomly video called you while you were sitting at the family dinner table, wiping mashed vegetables off your toddlers chin? Worse still, your wife sees a hot naked picture of me trying to video call you, and she sees it before you turn the phone over… So video calls are not on! Video callers that call me get blocked – instantly!!

I could go on and on and elaborate on the numerous dick pics, and the messages of abuse we get because we don’t answer calls, or respond immediately to messages sent at disturbing hours, but I won’t. There is no doubt you have seen it all over social media. It’s endless.

Remember, even though we are all glossy and beautiful, featured on those lovely gallery pages. We have a life out side of responding to calls and messages, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We like to try and manage our calls and emails, preparing for our international escort tours during scheduled working hours. We can’t do ‘our job’ at the family table, or with a groups of people around us, and that often includes taking calls, responding to messages and reading emails.

Respect that we need time to ourselves, as every body does. Respect us on your approach (I sound like a zoo keeper) but really, manners and etiquette will get you everywhere. Isn’t that what your mother taught you?

Life as an International Escort isn’t all it’s made out to be, and in all honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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