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Ashlee Cordeaux | International Escort Interview

What made you decide to become an escort?: I adore men, thrive on intimacy and love sex.

I relish the opportunity to spend time with gentlemen. Pamper and please them which turns me on.

I feel I have a lot to offer a gentlemen. Don’t want to be tied down to one gentlemen.

I feel every gent has the right to feel loved, wanted and appreciated.

I love giving and receiving.

If your work takes you international, how long ago did you start travelling?: I’ve been available for travelling the whole time I’ve been a companion.
What is you favorite memory of ‘life as an escort’, so far?: I have way to many favourite memories.

Every gentlemen touches my heart in their own unique ways.

People in my day career gossiping and wondering what I do in my “other job”
Giggling to myself if only they knew 😂

Do you think it’s ok to maintain friendships with your clients? Why?: I am always happy to converse with gentlemen that I have seen.

Some gentlemen you form a close bond with.

I don’t believe in crossing the line with real life & escort life.

Do you have many friendships with other workers?: None.

I prefer to keep to myself.

If a new client is considering booking a lady for the first time, what advise would you give to them?: Ask questions.
Communication is very important.
Read thoroughly a ladies website before contacting.
They respect her & her boundaries.
Don’t barter
Be polite, manners and show courtesy.
What would be your ‘dream booking’?: Dream booking would be whisked away on a romantic or relaxing getaway to a dream location.
If you were to switch roles and be the client, what would you look for in a companion?: Honest
Genuine & no persona
Down to earth
Look like they’re photos. No spray tan bronzing or heavy makeup
Let’s talk hygiene… Any tips for the clients?: I genuinely ask Gents to be freshly showered before attending our appointment.

Consideration for each other goes along way.

Best gift ever received?: Perfume
GFE: Please explain what it means to you?: It’s being yourself.

Treating that gentlemen as if you are in a new relationship together.

Spoiling them, pampering them.

Intimacy, discovery of each other.

Sexy, cheeky with each other. Laughter and just having a truly wonderful encounter together.
Creating happiness and memories.

What is it that your clients adore about spending time with you most?: Genuine
Myself. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not.
Cheeky & a devil.
Do you have experience with couples?: Little but prefer one on one with Gents
Best compliment you have received from a client.: You are simply gorgeous & beautiful person inside and out.
There is a little ’50 Shades’ in us all… what is yours?: * not required
When booking your hotels and flights, do you prefer to use a travel agent, or do you use sites such as Agoda or If you use sites, which ones do you prefer and why?: Webjet or Flight Centre
Your best feature?: Blue eyes
Sweet or savoury?: Sweet
Champagne or wine?: Red wine
Flowers or chocolates?: Flowers
Summer or winter?: Summer
Shoes or handbags?: Handbags
Hair or no hair?: No hair
Favorite perfume (on her): Givenchy
Favorite male body part: Cock & balls
Favorite music: Relaxing
Favorite movie: James Bond
Favorite holiday destination: Somewhere relaxing
Your starsign: Virgo
Favorite ‘quote to live by’: Carpe Diem


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