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What made you decide to become an international escort?: I grew up with the fantasy of wanting to be that beautiful woman you saw walking down the street, jumping off and on planes, with loads of bags and lines of men waiting to meet her…
If your work takes you international, how long ago did you start travelling?:

I started as an International Escort in the 90’s.

My first city was Hong Kong. I went with a girlfriend, and that time, we didn’t rely or use internet for marketing.. actually, I don’t think there was internet. To get work we relied on a Mama-san to arrange clients for us to meet. It was so much fun!

From there I gravitated towards Singapore, which I still frequent today!

What is your funniest memory as a private escort?:

I used to work in Melbourne with another Melbourne based escort. We worked from paper ads. That was the only option back then, and for safety, we worked almost in a tag team, checking in with each other.

There are so many funny memories, but one that comes to mind is one particular client we did a double with. We loved doubles… well she did, because she was super lazy, and the clients always loved to swing me around the room like they were porn stars, while she often took a nap.

This particular occasion, I was dying. She was drinking her champagne. While I was in my 577th position trying to keep the groans sounding like sexy moans, I hear ‘Ney. ney (like a horse sound), ride ’em horsey’.. I just died with laughter.

From there I can’t remember what or how long I was being tossed too and fro, but it was so funny!

Do you think it’s ok to maintain friendships with your clients? Why?: Absolutely!!
I have many incredible clients that become friends. It is sometimes really nice to be in a city and say, ‘hey, feel like dinner tonight or lets go for a walk’ with someone you don’t have to lie to about your work… for starters.
Do you have many friendships with other workers?: I maintain a very small circle of industry friends, but have many associated friends whom I will work with…. socially is another matter.
If a new client is considering booking a lady for the first time, what advise would you give to them?: PLEASE use at least 5 words when you make initial contact, and include your name and which city you are inquiring in..

I get so many ‘available now’ messages from no name, no country, no mannered folks… It is so easy to be polite.

What would be your ‘dream booking’?: Let me play repeat in my memory bank… I love holiday bookings. A weekend away or 5 days on an island is always a dream for me!

Maldives, Thailand, Gili Islands, Maui, Greek Islands…. There are so many places I haven’t yet been too!

If you were to switch roles and be the client, what would you look for in a companion?: I love nice manners. A person that can communicate on a adult level without being too stuffy really rocks my world, so if I was looking for an escort, on initial contact, if by messaging, the first few messages would win or burn me.
Let’s talk hygiene… Any tips for the clients?: WASH IT ALL… all of it!
Don’t be afraid to use soap, and please shave!!!
Best gift ever received?: I have this really cute porcelain Chinese wishing pot.

I went on an outcall in Melbourne, and went to some weird factory address. I was as nervous as ever to go in, but I followed my gut.

As I drove my car in, the warehouse was all painted fresh. It was huge, and there was a Ferrari parked in the middle with a little bag with a ribbon on top.. In it was this gorgeous wishing pot.

I still have it.

GFE: Please explain what it means to you?:

GFE – Genuine Girlfriend Encounter or Experience… I personally prefer the word encounter.

Every experience should be an encounter. To offer a GFE, you should not let the client feel for 1 minute like he has paid for your time.

Conversation and intimacy should come naturally. There is no room for playing the lead mattress actress role. You must provide an encounter that leaves your client remembering only you, ot the money he just paid.

When booking your hotels and flights, do you prefer to use a travel agent, or do you use sites such as Agoda or If you use sites, which ones do you prefer and why?: I like for hotels as I prefer to pay cash on arrival, and for my flights…. although comes pretty close.

For client arranged travel I use an agent for a smooth discreet transaction.

Your best feature?: Me
Sweet or savoury?: Sweet
Champagne or wine?: Champagne
Flowers or chocolates?: Flowers
Summer or winter?: Summer
Shoes or handbags?: Shoes
GFE or PSE: Both
Hair or no hair?: No hair
Favorite perfume (on her): Chanel Mademoiselle
Favorite aftershave (on him): Issey Myiake
Favorite female body part: Love great legs
Favorite male body part: A strong back
Favorite music: Funk/jazz/indi
Favorite movie: Flashdance (embarrassing)
Favorite holiday destination: This month… Doha
Your starsign: Taurus
Favorite ‘quote to live by’: Be nice

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