Lena Interview

What made you decide to become an escort?: curiosity, conversations with other escorts, a love of giving and receiving erotic pleasures, and a desire for more financial stability
If your work takes you international, how long ago did you start travelling?: I started travelling for business inside Europe in 2002.
What is you favorite memory of ‘life as an escort’, so far?: magic moments created my mutual attraction and connection
What is your funniest memory as an escort?: visiting a regular in a rehab centre after he underwent major surgery to check if his sexual function was affected (it wasn’t)
If a new client is considering booking a lady for the first time, what advise would you give to them?: check chemistry/compatibility in advance by reading her website and/or discussing your interests and expectations
What would be your ‘dream booking’?: a dinner date with private time or an overnight
Best gift ever received?: perfume, a 200 € tip, and a small wooden sculpture of myself made by a regular client
GFE: Please explain what it means to you?: being attentive and generous, sensual and passionate. For me, a true girlfriend experience means being attentive and generous, sensual and passionate. It should leave you happy, energized and hopefully dreaming to meet again.
What is it that your clients adore about spending time with you most?: Feel free to see for yourself on my feedback page:
Do you have experience with couples?: Yes
What advise would you give to experimenting couples considering an escort to join them in the bedroom?: Discuss your expectations and limits in advance and let the female part of the couple take the lead
Best compliment you have received from a client.: A client once said that I gave him the best moments of his life
What is your favorite ‘Role Play’?: I am your boss and you are my toyboy 😉
There is a little ’50 Shades’ in us all… what is yours?: * not required
Advise for new guys and girls entering the industry?: empathize with clients without compromising your boundaries
Your best feature?: find out for yourself
Sweet or savoury?: sweet
Champagne or wine?: both!
Flowers or chocolates?: chocolates
Summer or winter?: winter since summers have become too hot recently
Shoes or handbags?: handbags
Hair or no hair?: no hair
Favorite perfume (on her): “elle” by YSL
Favorite holiday destination: Switzerland, Luxembourg City and almost anywhere in the UK
Your starsign: libra
Favorite ‘quote to live by’: The unexamined life isn’t worth living.

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