Trans Jem Interview

What made you decide to become an escort?:

At 19yrs I was asked to leave my Hairdressing job as my boss couldn’t accept my transition and my friend who was working in St Kilda at the time suggested I come to work with her one night. I had a high sex drive so it was a lot of fun.

If your work takes you international, how long ago did you start travelling?:

I’m been traveling for maybe 6 or 7 years.

What is you favorite memory of ‘life as an escort’, so far?:

Sitting on a clients knee in the front seat of his car.
Do you think it’s ok to maintain friendships with your clients? Why?: I like to be a little mysterious so i’m Always happy to see my clients return I never give much away.
Do you have many friendships with other workers?: I am friends with a couple of workers but I generally keep to myself.
If a new client is considering booking a lady for the first time, what advise would you give to them?: Read the reviews then throw caution to the wind and see them anyway you might be lucky enough to make a connection.
If you were to switch roles and be the client, what would you look for in a companion?: I’m a visual person so someone i like the look of.
Let’s talk hygiene… Any tips for the clients?: Always have a shower even if you had one before left home, use the soap and wash behind all skin folds, front and back and underarms.
Best gift ever received?: Any gift is we received.
GFE: Please explain what it means to you?: Girlfriends are the reason guys go see escorts.
What is it that your clients adore about spending time with you most?: I look better than my pics…?
Do you have experience with couples?: I’ve never slept with a female.
Best compliment you have received from a client.: Your an honest person.
What is your favorite ‘Role Play’?: Bicycle 🚲 rider in Lycra needs to use the bathroom. I’m a big fan of Lycra on a fit body.
There is a little ’50 Shades’ in us all… what is yours?: I like to watch.
Advise for new guys and girls entering the industry?: Safety first and avoid situations that might put you or your client at risk.
Advice for newbies on screening clients: Avoid private numbers.
When booking your hotels and flights, do you prefer to use a travel agent, or do you use sites such as Agoda or If you use sites, which ones do you prefer and why?: I like to book direct with the hotel of airline.
Your best feature?: Eyes
Sweet or savoury?: Sweet
Champagne or wine?: Champagne then wine
Flowers or chocolates?: Chocolates
Summer or winter?: Summer
Shoes or handbags?: Shoes and bags
Hair or no hair?: No hair
Favorite aftershave (on him): Fahrenheit by Dior.
Favorite male body part: Legs
Favorite music: Commercial
Favorite movie: Anything with Nicholas Cage
Favorite holiday destination: Bali
Your starsign: Fire Sign
Favorite ‘quote to live by’: You can have a beautiful body and a beautiful Soul.


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