Vivian Vanderbuilt – Interview

What made you decide to become an escort?: Well, I stated off as a sugar baby at first, then my main benefactor passed away . After researching , I then decided that being a companion was a better fit for me. .
If your work takes you international, how long ago did you start travelling?: I actually began traveling immediately and have been all over the world.
What is you favorite memory of ‘life as an escort’, so far?: That week I spent in Vegas with a fun loving Canuk years ago. He had me plan the trip for us and totally catered to me.
What is your funniest memory as an escort?: Oh dear! Lol, when the contents of my handbag fell to the floor at my Bank in front of everyone. Funny now, not so funny then.
Do you think it’s ok to maintain friendships with your clients? Why?: Off the clock friendships? Sure, if I’ve seen them regularly and they’re not taking advantage of my time .
Do you have many friendships with other workers?: No I do not. I’m friends with a select few .
If a new client is considering booking a lady for the first time, what advise would you give to them?: Read her website very carefully and follow her rules.
What would be your ‘dream booking’?: Lol, depends on the gent (and my mood) .
If you were to switch roles and be the client, what would you look for in a companion?: Educated, lots of stamina and adventurous .
Let’s talk hygiene… Any tips for the clients?: If I have to teach hygiene to a client, we aren’t right for each other.
Best gift ever received?: lol, I’d rather not say until I retire.
GFE: Please explain what it means to you?: I’d say that GFE means for whatever time we’re spending together, I’ll be your girlfriend.
What is it that your clients adore about spending time with you most?: It’s my personality, my dry sense of humor, my energy.
Do you have experience with couples?: Not my thing.
What advise would you give to experimenting couples considering an escort to join them in the bedroom?: Make sure that both (the couple) are on board with that decision.
Best compliment you have received from a client.: “I love how you put me at ease “
What is your favorite ‘Role Play’?: Teacher /student of course
There is a little ’50 Shades’ in us all… what is yours?: * not required
Advise for new guys and girls entering the industry?: Treat it like any other small business that you’re starting from the ground up.
At first you’ll have no brand, no name recognition or reputation. All of that takes time to grow. Have some savings or work a day job until you’re established.
Advice for newbies on screening clients: No matter your bank balance, always screen.
Your best feature?: Smile
Sweet or savoury?: Savory
Champayne or wine?: Wine
Flowers or chocolates?: Chocolates
Summer or winter?: Summer
Shoes or handbags?: Yes
GFE or PSE: Yes
Hair or no hair?: Hair
Favorite perfume (on her): JoMalone ( the whole range)
Favorite male body part: Brain
Favorite music: 80’s
Your starsign: Aquarius
Favorite ‘quote to live by’: “Better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.”

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