Cherry Torn

Cherry Torn
United States
I am Cherry Torn, veteran performer/director/producer of high production adult content. When I'm not on camera, I'm often in the dungeon wielding my favorite weapons for willing participants. Or running one of my many businesses. I love a perfect balance in life.

I’m a sultry brunette, whip smart with a filthy mouth and natural curves that will haunt your mind. I’m frequently told I only get hotter in person, and I can't argue. I move across a room with confidence and know exactly how to use my many assets to my constant advantage.

I love getting dolled up and take pleasure in getting to know one another. Nothing compares to the mind/body connection that happens from shared subversive adventures. A divine synergy.

My seductive and open minded presence will inspire you. Experience emotional intimacy and healing from the power of our connection.
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