Dec 29, 2018

International Luxury Companions News December 2018

I can not believe another year is almost over and 2019 is only a few days away!

The last few months have been tricky for all thanks to FOSTA causing havoc worldwide, and so many of us have been going mad trying to keep up with old sites closing and new sites opening. I personally, have had as many issues trying to find a safe place to post my profile as all of you, and without a lie, have found a slump in my personal work as you all have.

My decision to start was to be able to help companions gain a little more exposure without having to dig deep into your pockets to be found amid many high profile, and beautiful independents, and upmarket agencies, just like you!

I am really flattered that the advertisers on the site have chosen this directory and with faith in me, and of course on Thank you!

It has been a challenge keeping my ears closed to criticism, nasty and negative comments on social media, but I think I have done a great job and managed to create a great site, in fact I have created a great few sites that are all gaining a little more interest as each day passes!

One of the biggest changes is removal of the word ESCORT from the main pages of the directory... This is a HUGE job and one that I do a few pages here and a few pages there at a time (in between pina colada’s on the beach actually).

The directory will keyword terms such as ’companions’, luxury companions’, ’travel companions’, ’social companions’ etc, with the intention of lifting the profile of the brand, and of course the lovely luxury companions on the site too!

The Luxury Companions Blog is open to guest bloggers.

All guestblogs will be shared across our social media sites, and of course will link to your profile. Guest bloggers will be given a featured profile FREE - so please send us your stories, or jump on an invitation to blog away.
*Submitted blogs should be between 600 - 1000 words please :-)

The launch of for verified companions is underway. So if you have already been verified you will find your profile, if you have’t, now is a good time to ask :-) All verified profiles will link directly to your profile and I will have a few other tricks up my sleeve as the year progresses too!

FYI: was my original directory address some years back. I opted to start fresh with a .eu domain for LuxuryCompanions to safe guard to closure of .net and or .com escort sites as the whisper went when FOSTA was launched. (PL is a sub domain of LC too!)

In to the new year, I am making a few changes on the directory, just to be sure that our site follows international laws as best I can, especailly to support the US advertisers. For this reason, I will have to disable services, or at least tone them down. If you are based in the USA, you may find your services removed and replaced with ’please inquire’ (sorry). I am unsure if I will will disable services all together at this stage. It’s possible.

Selfies that have slipped past me will be removed and profiles that have photos with branding on them will be emailed to reload pics. If your pics have branding now, you may have noticed that I don’t promo you on social media - sorry, that’s why.

Profiles with less than 8 professional photos will be removed from featured. All profiles to date will remain active on the site as long as you are active. To remain active, give us a retweet, update your tours, rotate your pics occasionally. Active profiles still will remain on the site and be included in the social media posts.

I will introduce paid options in 2019, but rest assured, if you are already on the site, and active, your profile is safe, consider a home!

I have paid options coming such a super promos and some super things I might think up as next years rolls onwards, but for now, nothing is needed. Your profile on the site is FREE and an invitation to REGSITER FREE is open for a limited time!

Our social media feed is pretty much automated. All profiles will be shared, with favoritism given to featured profiles (min 8 professional photos), and of course for every mention you give us on social media, we will return the favour. I will post more info on how to get maximum exposure on social media free over the coming weeks.

I host about 8 social media accounts with a total of 30k real followers!

Well, that short update that turned into a novel.. Sorry!

I would like to wish you a Happy and Safe New Year!
I really look forward to making next year a really busy one, for everybody :-)

Thank you for being a part of and stay tuned for what is to come! Your retweets, mentions and support has not gone unnoticed, please keep them going. Thank you!

You all are really wonderful, thank you again!

Rene Joile xx
(owner and go to girl)

International Luxury Travel Companions Escort Directory

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