Terms of Use

Terms of Use…. in layman’s terms

Adults Only:

The term ADULT stupidly seems to vary as per county, some countries think at 18 you are an adult and other disagree, they think you should be 21 or 22, so this is a big moment for you to not lie about your age.
I assuming that by clicking the age verification page, you are an ADULT in your state and country which means you are grown up enough to view adult orientated content.

If you are NOT AN ADULT, then please CLICK HERE TO EXIT. Unfortunately as much as we know how horny you get when your hormones start to kick in, we can’t help you. If you are underage, you are underage, and there is nothing we can do. So go ahead click the EXIT LINK and come back in a few years. Sorry.

Types of Ad Content Allowed:

We love content. We love UNIQUE and FRESH content. If you are posting an ad, please DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from another site. We don’t want duplicate content, or want our readers to read the same stuff on Scarlet Blue or Eros or whatever other sites you advertise on. Why? Because we want our site to be unique.

Yes, we can check for duplicate content, and our robots or spiders will find it, so please don’t do it. It just means more work for you, because we will suspend your page until you update your info.

Photo Policy:

Keep them classy. Professional pics are of course our preference, but we undertand that is not always an option. Choose upmarket, classy photos that flatter you rather than selfies... keep them for the selfie galleries or your social media feeds.

Please use only YOUR OWN PHOTOS. If at the time of submission, the photo verification system is not requesting verification, please be prepared for us to ask, because we do want to verify that all out advertisers are 100% real and that the photos are accurate, and at least not older than 5 years old.

There are so many ladies using pics that are 20 years old… get real, if you don’t look like your pics, don’t post them.

Age Policy:

We all lie about our age, but please…. If you are 50 and look 40 then don’t say you are 30. Simple.


We have a list compiled of common sense, but if you need to see it in print then here it is.

If you sell, promote, advertise, market, associate with or talk about in your sleep with any of the following, expect to have your arse kicked off the site and to be reported to the relevant authorities..
  • Child pornography or ANY KIND – even repeating out loud what you just read is a crime.
  • Human trafficking – pimps are NOT WELCOME. If you are selling, promoting, or pushing another into providing adult orientated services against their will, you are scum and belong in jail, not on a website, and certainly not on mine. So basically – FUCK OFF NOW!
  • Any act or service selling, promoting, providing, recommending or breathing any illegal activity or product, including drugs, guns, ivory, children, animals, hate, torture, war, death, racial, terrorism, or anything that your grandmother wouldn’t be proud of, including Trump. Bye bye!
  • Any act involving harm, hurt, torture, death, neglect or cruelty towards any creature, then you are an arsehole, go away.
  • Hardcore pornography. I am sorry, I love porn but not every country allows it, so please if you are selling or promoting or streaming live pornography or explicit sexual acts, I am sorry I can’t allow it on the site.
  • Stolen goods, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, stupid stuff, irrelevant ads.. blah blah blah, basically, if you are not an adult service provider, this isn’t the site for you. Sorry.
  • Bullies, bitches and bastards… you know the drill!
Advertiser Rules:

Please be nice to one another.
If you find an advertiser you don’t like for whatever reason, please don’t be a bitch, just move on and focus on your own stuff. I don’t promote or welcome bully tactics here, there are plenty of other sites that are cool with it, but me, it mucks up my Zen.. and if my Zen is no good, then then the heavens will cave in.

My goal is to be able to offer all advertisers, even the ones I don’t like (oh except 1 or 2) a safe and user friendly place to show off your goods – YOU!

You will have access to your own top level domain name, a great platform with plenty more to come, so please respect it and be nice to each other.

I am not running an agency, or offering personal mentorships but I will help those in need of self-promotion to the best of my ability to become true independent companions and international escorts, if that is you dream (it was and is mine). I am walk, talk, sleep and breathe this industry. I love it and am really excited to be able to share my alomst 30 years of experience, so lap it up!

Any questions, concerns, suggestions or anything, please contact me, don’t bitch about what is lacking as it may be something I am working towards or something I have completely over looked. If you don’t like something, let me know. I welcome your input, as you are the people that will make the site fantastic, not me!

Rene Joile
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